By removing the drill’s Kelly bar and utilizing specialty tooling described below, many types of anchors can be installed in both the vertical and horizontal positions.

Typical Jobs:

  • Tie Backs & Soil Nails- utilizing Continuous Flight Augers, Tri-cone/Drag Bits, Down Hole Hammers, Helical Anchors, or Grouted Hollow Bars.
  • Grouted Hollow Bar Anchors, Titan Bars, William’s Bars, etc.
  • Helical anchors
  • Micropiles

*The above methods can be installed for a variety of applications such as Structural Load Bearing Support, Tie-Down Anchors preventing up lift, Slide Stabilization and Earth Retention applications.

*The above applications can utilize a top mounted swivel or in-line swivel to introduce air, water or grout through the tooling.