By removing the drill’s Kelly bar and utilizing a continuous flight auger many applications can be performed.

A continuous flight auger can be utilized to pre drill for pile driving by drilling through the hard layers in the upper strata. Pre-drilling is performed to insure easier, faster pile driving, and to improve location accuracy when driving steel, concrete, wood piles, or sheet piling.

A continuous flight auger is also utilized in soft soils and sands where a conventional, open hole drilled shaft will not stay open and collapses, to install what is known as an auger cast pile. Upon reaching the desired drill depth, grout or concrete can be pumped through the hollow stem auger as the auger is extracted from the ground to create a continuous, concrete filled shaft. Reinforcement bars or rebar cages are often inserted immediately after the drill is extracted and the hole is filled.

Typical Jobs:

  • Pre Drilling for pile driving
  • Auger cast piles
  • Dewatering
  • Low Headroom applications
  • Pre Drilling for Wick Drains